Typical dessert of Lazio, the Italian central region, the Maritozzo is a goodness with a creamy heart, a few will be able to resist to.


A holiday in Rome allows you to immerse yourself in the millennial history of this city, among spectacular monuments such as the Colosseum, the Imperial Forums, the Pantheon and the iconic squares of the city.


From the ancient Romans up today: Piazza Navona
Piazza Navona is one of the best known symbols of the capital of Italy, which boasts a thousand-year history full of anecdotes and fun facts.


Rome is one of the best Italian cities for shopping: there you will find items for all budgets and tastes. But what are the steps to buy low cost? Let’s discover them together.


The Caffarella Park is located within Appia Antica Regional Park, a green lung for the citizens and want to take a walk outdoors.