During your stay in Rome, you will surely be attracted by the various neighbourhoods, all with different features and peculiarities.


Rome is certainly known by everyubody (not only tourists!) for the beauty of its historical, artistic and cultural elements.


Anagni is one of the most interesting historical villages of Lazio. City of the Popes and Sistine Chapel of the Middle Ages, Anagni offers visitors an important artistic heritage. It is located in the south of Rome, in the province of Frosinone.


As well as being famous for world-famous churches and historical monuments, Rome is also known for a massive presence of obelisks. There are 13 buildings of Egyptian origin in the urban context of the capital.


Rome, loved and admired for its endless and extraordinary beauty, is also one of the perfect cities for shopping. Tourists coming from all over the world find an opportunity to spend money and find everything they need.


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