Rome, with its millennia of history and vibrant culture, offers much more than its famous tourist attractions.


Lazio, rich in history, culture and natural beauty, offers a wide range of fascinating destinations for anyone wishing to explore the region.

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As part of Roma Art Week, from October 23rd to 31st, 2023, the Oxford Collective is presenting the exhibition "Reset/NOW: Beyond Time, Space, and Color" at the Q’4RT space of the Oxford Hotel on Via Boncompagni 89 in Rome.


Italian cuisine is renowned worldwide for its simplicity and goodness, and Rome is undoubtedly one of the gastronomic capitals of Italy. In addition to the famous pizzas and pastas, Roman cuisine boasts a wide range of regional dishes that reflect the authenticity and tradition of the city.


Lazio is a region of Italy rich in historical and cultural treasures, and among its most precious gems is the Villa d'Este in Tivoli.