Reset/Now: Beyond Time, Space, and Color

As part of Roma Art Week, from October 23rd to 31st, 2023, the Oxford Collective is presenting the exhibition "Reset/NOW: Beyond Time, Space, and Color" at the Q’4RT space of the Oxford Hotel on Via Boncompagni 89 in Rome. This exhibition has been made possible thanks to the support of Gloria and Massimo Quarta, owners of the hotel, who have been aligned with the Collective's vision since 2018.

The Oxford Collective, founded in January 2018, originated from a series of meetings at the Oxford Hotel. It has grown as an artistic movement aiming to disseminate and promote art, science, and philosophy. The previous traveling exhibition, "ARCAIC AND PRESENT", garnered praise from the artistic community and contributed to the birth of the "New Roman Spatialism", a concept recognized and endorsed by Gianpaolo Berto and founder Mauro Silani.

With "Reset Now", the Collective encourages looking beyond traditional artwork, viewing the artist as a living canvas, constantly evolving. It is a reflection on contemporary art and its connection to the human being.

During the exhibition, the audience will have the opportunity to interact with artists, gallery owners, and art critics. The goal is to transform the exhibition space into a cultural hub in the heart of Rome, fostering dialogue between artists and enthusiasts.

The involved artists include Anita Pilat, Carlo Solazzi, Luigi Ambrosetti, and many more. Prominent sculptors and engravers like Lucia Pascucci and Michele Flammia are also featured.

Mauro Silani emphasizes the importance of art as a means to regenerate culture and social relationships. The Collective's aim is to operate as an open artistic workshop, involving artists at the local, national, and international levels, as well as educational and cultural institutions.

Lastly, in light of recent scientific discoveries, such as the "God particle" and gravitational waves, the Collective sees a pivotal role for art in understanding and disseminating these new insights. Therefore, during each exhibition, there will be debates and workshops focused on science, art, and consciousness.

Further details are available on the Collective's official website: