Dreaming of a romantic vacation in the Eternal City? Rome, with its millennia-old history and magical atmosphere, offers a wide range of enchanting places to create unforgettable moments with your significant other.


With "Questo è il Nostro Spazio" the Collective, after having wandered with the traveling exhibition Arcaico e Presente, finds a permanent home, thanks to the foresight and love for the art of Gloria and Massimo Quarta owners of the hotel, that from the beginning, in 2018 they believed in the project, hosting the meetings of artists and the first exhibition.


Try writing Rome backwards . . . what does it happen? The word that comes out is "love". If you decided to spend the day of lovers in the Eternal City, this day will be so special it will also make your love eternal.


The capital offers numerous archaeological beauties, it tells the story of the Roman people in every corner. If you have decided to spend your holidays there, the days will be very intense and the archaeological areas will literally move you back in time to the Roman era.


Cervara is the medieval village that seems to have directly come from a painting because of its beauty.