There is the ancient Rome. There is the capital of Christianity. There is the extraordinary artistic wealth of the Renaissance. But there are also new faces of the city to discover, if you want to make your holiday even more beautiful.


The most loved voice in Rome was certainly that of Gabriella Ferri who with her music and her sung words, was able to give the eternal city the splendor of beautiful and unforgettable songs that have marked the lives of so many people.


Porta Portese market is one of the most popular places in Rome. A must-see destination for tourists, it allows you to find lots of collectibles, antiques, fabrics, jewelry and vintage clothing.


During your stay in Rome, you will surely be attracted by the various neighbourhoods, all with different features and peculiarities.


Rome is certainly known by everyubody (not only tourists!) for the beauty of its historical, artistic and cultural elements.