Holidays in Rome: Palazzo Brancaccio and the new exhibition area Spazio Field

One of the most fascinating experiences in Rome is a visit to Palazzo Brancaccio and its new exhibition area, Spazio Field. This combination of aristocratic history and contemporary art is a must-see for anyone wanting to immerse themselves in Roman culture. Let’s explore together why Palazzo Brancaccio and Spazio Field are worth a visit during your holidays in the Eternal City.

Palazzo Brancaccio
Palazzo Brancaccio, located on Via Merulana, is the last princely residence built in Rome, dating back to the late 19th century. Nestled in the Monte Oppio park, near the Colosseum, this palace is an extraordinary example of Baroque and Rococo architecture. Its construction was commissioned by Princess Mary Elizabeth Field, wife of Prince Salvatore Brancaccio, and the entire complex represents a perfect blend of Italian style and French influences.
Inside Palazzo Brancaccio, each room tells a story. The Tapestry Room, with its ancient tapestries and lavish decorations, the Hall of Mirrors, reminiscent of the famous Palace of Versailles, and the Gala Hall, with its 14-meter-high ceiling decorated with golden stuccoes, are just some of the wonders visitors can admire. Every space is designed to amaze and captivate, reflecting the grandeur and sophistication of the nobility of the time.
The palace gardens are equally enchanting. Walking along the shaded avenues, visitors can discover the Nymphaeum, a monumental fountain designed by architect Francesco Gai, and the Hunting Lodge, a small pavilion decorated with frescoes, offering an intimate and reserved space for exclusive events. These gardens represent an oasis of tranquility in the heart of Rome, a place where history and nature meet in harmonious embrace.

Spazio Field: The Art of the Present
Beyond its rich history, Palazzo Brancaccio has recently added a new jewel to its crown: Spazio Field. This contemporary exhibition space, born from a significant architectural restoration, spans an area of 1,800 square meters. Spazio Field is dedicated to modern and contemporary art, creating a bridge between the palace's glorious past and new forms of artistic expression.
Spazio Field is not just an art gallery but a true creative laboratory where different artistic disciplines meet and blend. Here, art, architecture, photography, design, visual and sound arts merge into a unique sensory experience. Each exhibition is designed to stimulate the senses and imagination, offering visitors an exciting journey through various forms of contemporary creativity.
This exhibition space stands out for its interdisciplinarity and its ability to host artistic projects of all sizes. From solo exhibitions to large-scale events, Spazio Field is designed to adapt to all needs, providing a stimulating and dynamic environment where artists can express themselves freely. The location itself, with its monumental yet intimate spaces, creates a fascinating contrast between the historical setting and contemporary art, making every visit a unique and unrepeatable experience.

Unforgettable Experiences in Rome
A visit to Palazzo Brancaccio and Spazio Field is not only an opportunity to admire extraordinary works of art but also to experience a complete cultural adventure. The palace also offers high-level services for exclusive events, from professional catering to perfectly equipped rooms for conferences and corporate meetings. This makes it an ideal location not only for art lovers but also for those wishing to organize unforgettable events in a historical and charming context.
Moreover, the central location of Palazzo Brancaccio makes it easy to combine the visit with other tourist attractions in Rome. After exploring the frescoed halls and lush gardens of the palace, visitors can head towards the nearby Colosseum, stroll along the Imperial Forums, or discover the wonders of the Basilica of San Giovanni in Laterano. Every corner of Rome offers something special, and Palazzo Brancaccio with Spazio Field adds a touch of elegance and modernity to this extraordinary city.

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