Events in Rome: a rich musical program awaits us at Terme di Caracalla next summer

Rome is among the several cities offering many summer events to entertain both tourists and the Roman population. Among the various events taking place during the summer period, there is that of Terme di Caracalla, with a vast and abundant musical and dancing program.

Terme di Caracalla, a timeless charm
This place has a unique charm that can be perfectly combined with dance and song shows staged every year. Some of them are perfectly adapted to the background of the ruins of Terme di Caracalla. Built during the Roman Empire on the slopes of Monte Piccolo Aventino, they were opened to the public in 212 AD, under the reign of Emperor Caracalla. This thermal facility was particularly innovative for the time as well as being one of the largest. Nowadays, it is one of the best examples of spas preserved in good condition. Obviously, you should know many years have passed, but maintenance works have been successfully carried out. For this reason, the city of Rome enhances this archaeological site offering a busy summer program full of events with the magnificent ruins of Terme di Caracalla behind them.

Terme of Caracalla.
Terme di Caracalla offer to all guests the Teatro dell'Opera di Roma. The program for summer 2019 is rich and surprising. Thursday, June 4th the journey will begin by the highly anticipated debut of “Aida”, returning after eight years. This show is one of the most awaited by the whole population and also by tourists, because the scenery of Terme di Caracalla is perfectly suited to this work. It can be said “Aida” is a symbol of this Roman event. Since 1938, when the first performance took place, the work by Verdi actually took place uninterruptedly until 2011, excluding the pause caused by the Second World War. Denis Krief takes care of scenography: costumes, lights, scenes and even direction. On the other hand, Jordi Bernàcer runs the vast cast. Replies will take place on July 5th, 6th, 7th, 12th, 13rd, 18th and finally 24th and 31st. Last chance to see the show is August 3rd. Another opera by Verdi staged in this magnificent location is “La Traviata”. It starts on July 19th, again on 27th and 28th, and August 2nd and 8th. Both the two works will offer subtitles in Italian and English. The space dedicated to dance and ballets is also important. Tuesday, July 30th “Romeo and Juliet” will begin. Replies are scheduled for both August 1st and 4th. The notes are by Sergej Prokofiev, the choreography and the direction are entrusted to Giuliano Paparini. The layout is the same as last year and it offers the development of the story on the background of the ancient walls. These are perfect for staging the battles of the rival Capulet and Montecchi families. For all the performances at Terme di Caracalla, the Orchestra of Teatro dell'Opera of the city of Rome will be involved too.
In addition, Extra cannot be missing. Concerning dance, you will see the return of the Tokyo Ballet in a single date of June 26th, but also the Regno delle Ombre, Roberto Bolle and friends, Tam tam et percussion and finally Petipa. The Tokyo Ballet will perform in the show by Maurice Béjart called Le sacre du printemps. Roberto Bolle and friends will perform on July 9th, 10th and 11th, and it is thought it will soon be sold out.
As for music extras, the concert by Francesco De Gregori is highly awaited, starting the evenings on June 11th. The very famous Ennio Morricone will play on six evenings for his 60 Years of Music Wold Tour, a performance widely expected by all the fans, also because it is the farewell concert where all the most famous compositions for cinema will be played. The dates for Ennio Morricone's show are June 15th and 16th, followed by 18th and 19th, and finally 21st and 22nd. After that, July will see the arrival of Mark Knopfler and his entire band. Also in this case, dates are Saturday and Sunday July 20th-21st. Unique date instead for Chuco Valdés and Stefano Bollani. Finally, Ludovico Einaudi will return on July 29th at Terme di Caracalla, to present his new album Seven Days Walking to all viewers.
In addition, all Plácido Domingo lovers are invited to save the date of August 7th as the great artist will return to the theatre stage with a concert called Gala Placido Domingo Noche Española. Throughout the evening, the dance company Antonio Gades located in Madrid will dance for you. The show features Spanish songs with famous zarzuelas. Finally, the participation of two other singers such as the tenor Arturo Chacon Cruz and the soprano Ana Maria is planned.

Useful information:
It can be said that the Terme di Caracalla have always been a suitable field for different expressive languages, first of all dance and song. There are many spectators, both tourists and local expected to be there. The last edition had indeed seen a decidedly high number of guests, around 93 thousand people and a real record was established. Who knows that this year's vast proposal fails to make this figure exceed? Meanwhile, if you are interested in it, you should know all the shows start at 9pm, and to buy tickets, you need to visit the site of the Teatro dell'Opera di Roma.
In conclusion, if you are planning to visit Rome during the summer season, you cannot miss at least an appointment with the dance events in the fantastic scenery of Terme di Caracalla.

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