Events in Rome: Eataly and the educational course program for adults and children

Eataly is a chain of stores distributing and selling Italian typical food. According to its main mission to spread and enhance the food and wine culture of our country, educational courses are offered for adults and children, to let people learn theory and to practice cooking, for their personal knowledge.

Eataly educational courses in Rome for adults
Eataly Rome is not only home of cooking courses, but also pastry, tasting and experiences, some of them totally free. Just visit the dedicate section of the website to understand that you are spoiled for choice, and here are some examples:

Four hands are better than two: the couples menu
Cooking with a partner decidedly is romantic, because during these moments love glances and gestures get shared, amplifing harmony in an exponential way. The Menu of Couples cooking course is a great way to spend an original appointment with your partner, as you will be the one to prepare your candlelit dinner. This experience will therefore be a mix between cuisine and restaurant. Participation costs 130 Euros per couple and the teacher, chef Alessandra Mariani will be happy to lead you along this delicious culinary journey of love. The only garment to wear is the kitchen apron, Eataly Roma will take care of the rest.

Homemade Pizza
Homemade pizza is a loved and requested delicacy: for this reason Eataly Roma offers a dedicated course, with the teacher Eliana Vigneti revealing her pupils all the tricks to easily make it at home. You will receive a detailed guide of all the steps, such as the preparation of the dough, the leavening, the seasonings and the cooking. To participate in this course you must be adult and bring an apron from home. The participation fee is 65 Euros and the lesson lasts three hours. Shall we bet that at the end you will become expert pizza chefs and your friends will compete to be invited to dinner?
Learning by...grilling!
If summer and grilling go hand in hand, you cannot miss the free experience (until sold out) called Grigliando si Impara. Every day, you will have the opportunity to attend a lesson to know the different cuts of meat, the methods of Italian and American grills and the various smoked dishes. The initiative was organized thanks to the collaboration with Weber and is precisely held in the igloo with the same name. If you want to be sure you will get your seat, you must book it on the Eataly website and pay a fee of 10 Euros, which will be returned to you on the day of the lesson switching it for tokens you can spend buying something on the numerous stands of the festival.

Food from the world: Brazil
Brazil offers a very cheerful and tasty cuisine, so how about learning how to make some recipes? Thanks to this course, your table will become multiethnic and will allow you to taste new flavours. The course lasts 3 hours, costs 70 Euros and will be led by Alessandra Mariani, undisputed cooking expert.

Pasta fresca
Pasta is the undisputed queen of Italian cuisine, so how about learning to make it by yourself? Alessandra Mariani will reveal you all the secrets to make excellent Ravioli, Fettuccine and semolina Cavatelli: you will then season them with fantastic condiments prepared at the moment to be able to taste them. To attend this course you must be adult and bring an apron from home. The participation fee is 65 Euros and the course lasts three hours, from 7pm to 10pm.

Eataly educational courses for children in Rome
Eataly Rome offers initiatives and courses designed for children, to make them approach food since an early age. They are available in both Italian and English, and they will be able to learn how to cook and practice this extremely important foreign language. In addition, waiting for summer, summer camps are planned, to let the young participants become little chefs.

Eataly Rome Summer camps
The Eataly Roma summer camps are courses lasting one week available for children from 7 to 12 years old. These events are a valid incentive to make the seasonality of the various foods known and to learn recipes that can be easily made at home. The participation fee is 180 Euros per week, but there is a 10% discount if you decide to register for two consecutive weeks or if the children are brothers or sisters. The minimum number of participants is 15 and maximum is 25. The course will begin at 8.30 am, end at 4.30pm: it will include lunch and snacks prepared by the chefs, who will use ingredients characterised by a great quality.

Playground area
Children between 4 and 11 years old can have fun every Saturday and Sunday from 3pm to 7pm. During these hours, they will be involved in games designed by the Kids Club, a team of authentic professionals in children's entertainment. This will allow parents to shop or enjoy a tasty coffee break.

Cooking... with the family
Do you want to have fun with your children? Nothing better than a course dedicated to young and old people, to make cakes, pastries and many other delicacies...together! In addition to a dedicated station, you will you home everything you cook to share it with other family members. This course is for children from 5 to 11 years old accompanied by an adult.

Cooking workshops
The cooking workshops are dedicated to children from 6 to 12 years old to let them approach this world of creativity and flavours. Also in this case, to demonstrate their skills to the whole family, they will be able to bring home whatever they prepare during the lessons.

Give a cooking class
Eataly offers you the opportunity to give a cooking class to the people you love most: it will surely be something unexpected, welcome and very useful. To purchase it, simply click on the Gift Event icon and continue completing the online order.

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