Discovering Lazio: a pleasant trip discovering Anzio, a seaside and archaeological destination

Anzio is a beautiful city of Lazio, located in the south of Rome: in addition of having witnessed many relevant historical events and having a large area rich in archaeological finds, it is also famous for its capacity of attracting tourists from all over the world thanks to its enchanting coastlines.The city offers a wide range of outdoor activities for tourists, excursions, water sports, visits to place of historical and cultural interest, reasons why more and more people love to spend their holidays there, full of fun, culture and sea.
If you want to spend a holiday dedicated to archaeology, culture, visiting parks and nature reserves, drinking cocktails at sunset on the beach, discovering the historical beauties of the Roman era and more, this is the ideal place. You will find Nero's residence, the Civic Museum, the Landing Museum, numerous beaches with soft sand and clear waters, a nature reserve and excellent food cooked with the most genuine ingredients following the ancient traditional recipes of the region.
This magical setting makes Anzio one of the most loved destinations both by tourists from all over the world and by the inhabitants of the Capital and the Region. Among the other places in Lazio, it certainly is one of the most enchanting, its proximity to Rome makes it an ideal destination for excursions if you stay in the Eternal City, but also a valid choice to spend your holidays in the name of joy, taste and of archaeological beauties. Here you are the most intriguing archaeological and bathing places to visit in a pleasant out-of-town excursion to Anzio, or if you decide to spend your holidays there.

The Tor Caldara Natural Reserve
This natural reserve is an imposing work of fundamental importance, symbol of the architecture of Rome. It is a structure similar to a fort that depicts the remains of World War II. Tourists visiting this ancient structure will closely look at the foxholes used by American soldiers to protect themselves from bombs during the war. Beyond that, the marvelous scenic beauty surrounding the fort is simply a feast for the eyes.
There you can satisfy your curiosity and admire the beautiful landscapes overlooking the reserve, then enjoy a long relaxing walk, crossing the section of the Tor Caldara Natural Reserve together with your friends, partner or the whole family. Visiting this beautiful structure is a short journey through the historical events that have characterized the city of Anzio.

The war cemetery of Anzio
Still concerning the Second World War, this fascinating and introspective place reveals the story of all the American soldiers who put their lives at the service of the nation during the conflict. The cemetery is particularly suggestive, a monument where tourists can learn about the courage of all the American soldiers who fought for peace during the war. You can also admire the park: it is well designed and is surrounded by a lush green environment that embraces all its sides.

The English Monumental Cemetery
Also in this case, the structure symbolically indicates the sacrifice of British soldiers during the Second World War. The cemetery is well maintained and it is a great place to visit to go back in time. The park includes about 2200 tombs and the burials are organized according to the chronological order the soldiers died.
There are even inscriptions on each tomb, describing the courageous actions performed by the soldiers during the war: they also reveal stories about their families, many of which are really sad. It is a completely peaceful tourist destination and is also a must see in Anzio.

The Basilica of Santa Teresa
The Basilica is one of the most popular tourist destinations of Anzio, both for architecture lovers and for the faithful. This church reveals the ancient history of Rome. The stunning architecture of this great church is simply a joy to be experienced through one's eyes. The mystical and serene environment of the church is so intense that it immediately creates a profound and lasting impression of peace in the minds of tourists.

Nero's Imperial Residence
We could not miss the holiday home of the perfidious Nero, who takes tourists back in time: it provides a complete view of the beauty and grandeur of the emperor's creation. Tourists wishing to visit this famous historical structure will be able to watch Rome's rich historical past with fervour. The bold and unique architecture of this residence is intended to provide them with a compelling experience.

The Lido La Playa
If you want to relax by the sea enjoying the coasts of Anzio, this is one of the best beaches along the coast, it has some of the best quality food to offer to all tourists who love to taste various types of typical cuisine of the place. In addition to having the opportunity to taste the various delicacies, you can also spend moments of carefree and fun together with your fellow travellers.

The Port of Anzio
This is one of the most popular tourist destinations we recommend to all tourists, because visiting Rome without getting to the Port of Anzio is simply an incomplete tour. After visiting this historical port, you will be able to witness the stunning natural beauty that surrounds the coasts. In addition to this, you will also get a taste of the history of Rome and its rich cultural past. You can admire the archaeological remains of the ancient Roman emperors, in particular those of Nero's buildings. Going around the best fish restaurants located there, you can even meet Francesco Totti, a frequent visitor.

The Museum of the Landing of Anzio
Here you are one of the most important museums of the region, despite being small, it is one of the most informative places in the city. It is a house with countless artifacts revealing information and fun facts about the battle of Anzio.

The Archaeological Civic Museum
You can admire a wide range of ancient historical artifacts from Rome and ancient Egypt. It also includes one of the best Etruscan collections in Italy. The museum is also a rich source of information for all tourists who love history.

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