The most typical district of Rome? Trastevere!

In the Heart of Rome, among the narrow lanes, the sampietrini and the medieval houses, Trastevere is one of the most famous district of the capital.
Walking around the fantastic streets and squares in Trastevere will give you the opportunity of discovering the magic of the ancient Rome, its history, its perfumes and it authentic beauty: legends, myths and culture walk around the streets, astonishing tourists.
Trastevere is the perfect place for art and cultural events and for people who like night life and good food.

Trastevere and its colourful streets

Walking around the historical streets, you will discover its hidden wonders: the fantastic panoramas, beautiful squares, historical churches and incredible monuments.
If you stay in Trastevere, you can't miss to visit the famous Basilica di Santa Maria, the principal Catholic place in the district, situated in the square with the same name.
It hosts lots of precious mosaics work of art and Medieval frescos. In the middle of the square, there is one of the most still working fountains of the city.

The sunset is the best moment to visit it, to appreciate the game of lights created by the mosaic on the church facade.
Walking alone via della Paglia, you reach Sant'Egidio Square where Chiesa di Sant'Egidio is situated and an ex monastery, today a museum, the Museo del Folklore e dei Poeti romaneschi detached location of Museo di Roma. It contains an exhibition of mannequins, dressed up with daily life clothes, simulating typical Roman situations of 1800.

Near the Square and via della Scala, you can see a painting on the wall: it is one of the Madonnelle di Roma dedicated to Madonna del Carmelo.

Going on along the lanes in Trastevere, you will get into piazza della Scala and piazza San Calisto where you can find a lot of restaurants and nightclubs; Piazza Sonnino near Chiesa di Sant'Agata, where every year, people celebrate Festa de' Noantri; Piazza Gioacchino Belli in front of Ponte Garibaldi dedicated to the Roman poet and finally Chiesa San Francesco a Ripa, where you can see the beautiful sculptures by Bernini, dedicated to Beata Ludovica Albertoni.

On the right bank of the river Tiber, there is the famous Piazza Trilussa. There, you can see the commemorative monument dedicated to the poet and a fountain still working nowadays. Its stairs host a lot of artists and musicians, but it is also a meeting point for tourists, students and the Roman citizens.
From Piazza Trilussa you can reach Ponte Sisto, perfect for a beautiful panoramic view and to buy ancient objects.

From there, you can go to Palazzo Farnese, a fantastic Renaissance building, situated in the square with the same, where a lot of streets and lanes arrive.
There is Campo de' fiori, one of the most famous squares of Rome, where you can see the statute dedicated to Giordano Bruno, the philosopher, in the middle of the historical market; during the night the square gets the house of nightlife and entertainment.

Nearby, there are some ancient streets, such as via dei baullari, via dei Cappellari, and via dei Giubbonari, where there are a lot of traditional shops. The best way to visit and experience the district is walking around it, without destination following the typical Roman food smell.

Trastevere never goes to sleep

Trastevere is one of the most beautiful and typical neighbourhoods in Rome, but if you want to discover its magic, you have to live it, during the night. After the sunset the streets and squares of the district become the heart of the Roman night life, after having been the house of history and culture, during the day.
A lot of some typical restaurants and night clubs are open until the sunrise. It is the perfect place to enjoy yourself, meet new people and taste the good Roman food.

If you stay in Trastevere, you can't miss the local food: bucatini all'amatriciana, spaghetti cacio e pepe, gricia, carbonara and coda alla vaccinara, abbacchio al forno and trippa alla romana. They are just some traditional dishes proposed by the restaurants. They are so many you just have to choose the one you prefer.

The most famous one is Cencio la Parolaccia, famous because the waiters use to offend the customers; there is good guitar and accordion music and Roman stornelli. Another restaurant is Gigetto, famous for the wine from Frascati and for its good dishes, especially for its carciofo alla giudia, Roman citizens favourite dish.

During the summer, the tables of the restaurant are set outside and you can have dinner under the sky. During the day, there are a lot of stands where you can buy the famous Grattachecca, that is grated ice served with fruit syrup.
After dinner, you must have a walk around the streets full of shops selling local products. Before coming back home, at the sunrise you can’t miss to respect one of the favorite habits of Roman citizens: you must have a cappuccino with a croissant, before going to sleep, to be sure you will have good dreams!

During the night or the day, the streets and squares of the districts are rich in tourists and inhabitants meeting themselves in the night clubs. There are pubs, where you can drink a beer and restaurants where you can have pizza and discover the genuine tastes of the Roman food.

Trastevere will give you magic and unforgettable holidays, thanks to its ne of a kind atmosphere and its beautiful panorama, characterized by history, art and food tradition.

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