Some ideas for an unconventional Christmas in Rome

Christmas is very near, and Rome is dressing its most elegant dress for being ready to welcome the millions of visitors staying in the Italian capital in the whitest months of the year: December. The several clubs of the city use to celebrate the festivity with rich events, serving typical traditional dishes for the Christmas Eve; but if you want to spend an alternative Christmas celebration, the Italian capital offers you several interesting proposals. Here you are what you can do for a very alternative Christmas in the Eternal City.

Christmas in the street
For those staying in Rome during the Christmas period for a weekend or week holiday, wanting not to spend all the time sitting and eating, there are several alternatives to spend Christmas in a different way, for example at the open air. You can visit at least one of the Roman squares, such as Piazza Navona, Piazza di Spagna, or San Pietro, usually decorated in occasion of the celebration, hosting Christmas markets and magical atmospheres, where to buy handicraft Roman products and taste the Italian capital street food. Moreover, several shows by international artists take place there. There is no that spending New Year’s Eve in one of the most beautiful squares of the Eternal City is just wonderful, and it will make your Roman Holiday unforgettable.

Cultural Christmas: museums and historical attractions
If you have already visited Rome more than once, and the most important monuments such as the Colosseum or St Peter's Square, you are probably looking for something different you can do on Christmas. Rome offers thousands of ideas if you want to do something original, and there are several cultural places you can go to if you want to spend cultural holidays. During the Christmas period, many museums and buildings can be visited, and many people decide to spend Christmas visit in an exhibition, a theatre show, or an event in some archaeological places. For example, for a truly alternative Christmas you can visit some exhibitions at the Barberini palace or at the Museum of Ara Pacis accompanied by a guide, or discovering other places offering you interesting exhibition. We can certainly say Rome is not second to anyone in learning cultural events!

Christmas in the nature
Another interesting idea might be an excursion to the most beautiful natural places in the capital. Many associations organize Christmas celebrations in some natural areas, such as the Valle dei Casali, the Parco della Cellulosa, the Aniene valley, or in other areas part of the Riserva Naturale del Litorale Romano, along the coast, where several shows of the uncontaminated not to take place. Here, visitors will find a really magic atmosphere for a certainly different Christmas. Spending Christmas in the nature is a fantastic idea for young couples or families: it is a way to enrich yourself and spend a wellness holiday.

Santa Claus Village
If you are in Rome with your children you probably want to give them an unforgettable Christmas. Well, Rome offers you several areas - such as the Archaeological one of Via Appia Antica - where to visit Santa Claus Villages set with many attractions and interest points for children and parents themselves. Children will be able to take advantage of the magic atmosphere in Santa Claus Village, they will be able to discover thousands of interactive toys, Luna Park carousels and jugglers coming from all over the world, but also playing some sport, discovering music, visual arts, handicraft and food. Families will found several areas set for a very alternative Christmas for children and adults. In the past, Children loved the "Casa degli Elfi" - the Elves house - where they wrote the letters to Santa Claus.

Christmas on ice
A wonderful way to live Christmas is... on the ice! During the Christmas period, in Rome, there are several skating areas. They are open until night, decorated and welcoming people who decide to spend the most expected winter night; some of them are the Park Eur or the Ice Village.

Christmas at the Spa
The Christmas period certainly is the best one for spending some time in a wellness centre. Every year there are several people preferring a relaxing Christmas Eve to a rich dinner, immersed in hot water or in a sauna. Rome actually is the place where the idea of wellness centres was born, and they have it takes its origins from the ancient Roman people traditions.
So we can certainly say there are many occasions you can spend your Christmas Eve in a very original and enjoying way, alone, with your partner or with your family. Discover the numerous offers available in the Italian capital and book your Christmas holidays in Rome, for a very original experience in this wonderful City.

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