Shopping in Rome: Sales, the most prestigious streets of Rome where to make great deals

Rome is a one-of-a-kind city, characterized by thousands of features, rich in history, modern and multi-ethnic. It is visited by thousands of tourists every year. If you are going around the city in time of sales, you can't miss shopping in the city centre.

Via del Corso undoubtedly is one of the most attended streets by Romans and tourists. This about 1 km in a half long avenue cuts the city, from Piazza del Popolo to Piazza Venezia, and from there, you can reach some of the most important places of the city, such as Piazza del Pantheon or Fontana di Trevi. Moreover, Via del Corso is also a paradise for those who love shopping. There are the shops of the main multinational companies of the world, and it is the perfect destination if you love famous brands, but you take care of your money, too. Along Via del Corso, there are low-cost shops but also some selling more original Products. One of the great advantages of this avenue is being partially pedestrian. This will allow you to easily walk admiring the shop windows, looking for good deals during sales.

You can easily reach the TridentVia Condotti, Via Frattina and Via Borgognona - from Via del Corso. these streets surround Via del Corso and Piazza di Spagna, and they are the ideal destination for extra-luxury shopping lovers. There are very prestigious shops by the greatest Italian and international stylists.
Shopping can continue until Piazza di Spagna: after the astonishment you got in front of Trinità dei Monti stairs, you can go on shopping along other luxury shops all over the perimeter. From the square, you can move to Piazza del Popolo, through the famous Via del Babuino. There are many little shops producing handmade high quality products. If you love shopping and fashion but don't like the franchising, you will have several surprises in this street.

Another important step in the city centre is Via del Campo Marzio, parallel to Via del Corso. This district represents the beating heart of Rome since the days of emperor Augustus.
Today, there are luxury, but also antiquarian and house objects shops. Obviously, you will always be surrounded by historical and astonishing buildings, such as Palazzo Farnese and Borghese. We suggest you to take a break to taste one of the best coffees in Rome, at Sant'Eustachio bar.

Not far from there, there is Via Cola di Rienzo, in Prati District. Differently from Via del Corso, in this street also cars are admitted. However, thanks to the wide sidewalks, you can confidently walk.
The offer you will find there is very wide: it includes multinational and luxury shops. The particularity of this street actually is this mix of different types of shops. During the sales period, you will surely make several deals.

In Prati district, Via Ottaviano is a street where to find interesting shops, and ateliers, in an area partly forbidden to cars. For shopping fans, there are some great deals you can find in the handicraft shops.

Also Trastevere district can offer you interesting occasions, if you love shopping. It is a Roman district usually connected to night life, but we should say it is very trendy also by day.
Trastevere is the perfect play also if you just want to have a walk, but if you love shopping you will get astonished by the multitude of little shops remembering the ancient times. Handicraft shops are still available to find and buy handmade items.
There are tailor shops, jewellery shops - obviously handmade items -, some ties and shirts shops, and so on. During the sales period, you can make great deals even here, buying coats and accessories for cheap prices.

If you are in Rome and you look for an alternative way of doing shopping, Via del Boschetto is your place. It is situated in Monti district, and it offers you very modern but vintage items, as it is full of vintage shops.
Prices are not always very low, but during the period of sales maybe you can find some deals. Moreover, in Monti district, every Sunday a market takes place, offering you good quality items for competitive prices: if you like vintage style, you can't miss it.

Moving to the south of the Italian capital, you will find another perfect street for sales: Viale Guglielmo Marconi. There you will find any kind of franchising, elegant, books and electronics shops: it can satisfy everybody.
If you want to go on doing shopping in the south of the city, you can go to Viale Europa, in the centre of the modern Eur district. In this area, you can admire different architectural beauties characterized by a modern Style, or relax yourself in the park of the lake a few steps from the shopping street.

the centuries. You can visit the Holy Stairs every day.

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