Rome at the table. A tasty Roman dish: Straccetti!

Visiting Rome doesn't mean only admiring its several works of art, joining the atmosphere of one of the most fascinating cities in the world. It means tasting delicious foods part of an old tradition.

The dishes of Roman tradition
If you planned a visit of Rome for a few days, you will have the chance to taste many typical dishes you will never forget.
Here you are some unmissable dishes:
- supplì:
perfect as a quick snack; you can taste the original version, that is a mixture of rice seasoned with meat sauce, Pecorino and mozzarella cheese, breaded and fried or some alternatives with vegetables, or Amatriciana, or Cacio e pepe;
- spaghetti alla carbonara:
taking a break at one of the many trattorias, this first course consisting of Spaghetti seasoned with cheek lard, garlic, oil and beaten eggs - the latter added at the end - with a generous sprinkling of Parmigiano cheese and black pepper, represents a mandatory dish;
- bucatini all'amatriciana:
bucatini are perforated spaghetti perfect for a rich condiment as it enters inside of them; try to taste them with the typical Amatriciana sauce made with cheek lard cooked in tomato sauce and a generous sprinkling of Pecorino cheese mixed with Parmigiano cheese;
- abbacchio a scottadito:
if you love the taste of meat baked in the oven, you can't miss the lamb, often accompanied by delicious sauces; if you prefer grilled meat, taste the "abbacchio a scottadito", that is lamb chops richly seasoned with lard and au gratin on a hot plate;
- saltimbocca alla Romana: they are rolls made with a sage leaf enriched with a slice of ham; after being fried in butter they melt in the mouth releasing a great flavour;
- coda alla vaccinara:
it has very strong taste, and it is made of stew ox tail, served with vegetables and tomato sauce; the meat is slimy because it contains parts of gristle, but it however is very good;
- sides:
sides are the protagonists of Roman food: Jewish artichokes, fried courgette flowers, chicory seasoned with oil and pepper, fava beans with Pecorino cheese, and a mixed salad made of wild herbs, oil, vinegar and anchovies.

A recipe of excellence: Roman Straccetti
If you are in Rome, you cannot absolutely miss the taste experience offered by Straccetti; the name of this second course comes from the shape of the very thin slices of meat that must be precisely reduced in strips by expert manipulations.
It can be beef, veal, chicken and pork meat, depending on your personal taste.

Straccetti of beef with tomatoes
This is the basic recipe, and here you are the ingredients:
- 500 grams of beef;
- 300 grams of cherry tomatoes;
- rocket;
- salt, garlic and chilli pepper;
- 1/2 glass of vinegar (preferably balsamic).
After tearing the meat to obtain small pieces of different sizes, the Straccetti are fried together with garlic, oil and chilli pepper and then enriched with vinegar and cherry tomatoes; after cooked, add the rocket that must be raw so as not to lose its typical flavour.

Straccetti of veal with artichokes
It is a fanciful variation of the basic recipe, including the following ingredients:
- 600 grams of veal, possibly veal nut;
- 4 Roman artichokes also known as "mammole";
- salt, pepper, garlic and marjoram;
- butter and extra virgin olive oil;
- a glass of dry white wine.
After having cleaned the artichokes and eliminated the external leaves, cut their inner part into very thin slices and then sauté them in oil with marjoram leaves; aside, you must tear the veal slices then browned in butter after being floured. After cooked, add the white wine and the artichokes, leaving it to flavour for a few minutes before serving at high temperature, possibly in a crock pot that helps to enhance its flavour.

Straccetti of chicken with mushrooms
This light but delicious variant requires the following ingredients:
- 400 grams of chicken breast;
- 200 grams of fresh (or frozen) mushrooms;
- garlic, parsley and rosemary;
- extra virgin olive oil;
- flour to taste;
- a glass of white wine;
- black pepper and salt.
It is necessary to cut extremely thin slices from the chicken breast and then tear them with your hands until you get small pieces that are floured; aside, brown the garlic, parsley and the sprig of rosemary with the well cleaned and sliced mushrooms.
After cooked, add the floured straccetti, leaving them cooking for about 15 minutes and then pour the wine used to make a sauce with the flour; if it is not enough, add a few tablespoons until a homogeneous sauce is obtained. If you like, you can sprinkle the dish with a spoonful of roast mix or lemon juice.

Straccetti of pork with balsamic vinegar
Another exquisite variant of this dish is made of pork; the ingredients are:
- 400 grams of pork sirloin;
- 1 glass of balsamic vinegar; - salt, pepper and extra virgin olive oil;
- vinegar icing to taste;
- flour.
After cutting the meat to get very thin slices, prepare the straccetti breaking them by your hands; flour them then pass them in a pan containing pepper, oil and salt. When the meat is well browned and the flour has been completely absorbed, cold pour the balsamic vinegar until you get a balanced mix between straccetti and the liquid part; before serving, you can add a few drops of vinegar glaze.

In all the versions listed above, the fundamental requirement for an excellent success of the dish is the choice of meat; whichever type of meat is used, it is absolutely necessary it is an excellent quality and above all very tender, in order not to compromise the realization of the dish.

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