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Walking around Rome, appreciating the ancient culture and admiring the evocative and sumptuous traces everywhere is a one-of-a-kind experience. In addition to its monuments, its breathtaking panoramas, the art hidden in every corner, Rome is city full of life, original events, trendy clubs, characterised by warm and cutting-edge atmospheres. The scene is so immense it's hard to make a choice among the clubs the in old factories or former workshops, among bars and restaurants in the centre, with terraces on the great beauty of the city, among pubs proposing live music and cabaret shows. Rome has always something to offer you, at any time, from the morning till the late night, according to any of your needs!

Aperitif: trendy bars
After a day spent waiting in a queue for visiting a museum, or walking along kilometres to get the most you can of this wonderful city, you only would like to relax yourself, sipping a cocktail, or a glass of wine, with some snacks. No problem!
During the last few years, the panorama of the clubs offering good aperitifs has become very wide, as there are proposals by young people who invested on a mix of tradition and innovation, getting great results. Which is one of the food symbols of the city of Rome? The "maritozzo" - ancient origin - is usually celebrated on the Maritozzo day, on the first Saturday of December. Add to this peculiar tradition one of the most appreciated places of Rome, Trastevere district: well, success is guaranteed.
The Maritozzo Rosso is one of the trendiest clubs, appreciated for aperitif and dinner. Wines, beers and cocktails are accompanied by salty "maritozzi" filled in with quality ingredients and extreme attention to raw materials ... for an unforgettable aperitif!
Lovers of salami, good wine and the best food and wine tradition of Rome: The Rimessa Roscioli is what you are looking for.
The bistro-wine-laboratory proposes the delicacies of Salumeria Roscioli - open since 1824 - in a warm and welcoming atmosphere, where the very professional staff will advise you on the best food and wine pairings, in Via del Conservatorio, just a few steps from Trastevere.
If you desire an aperitif accompanied by delicious pizzas, "focaccia" and other dishes based on couscous, pasta and vegetables, choose DoppioZero, the club in the Ostiense district.
It is a recently opened club, able to combine a good offer of drinks and a free buffet quality, for very cheap prices. For an aperitif based on fresh and well cooked fish, an original and pleasant location, choose the Pescheria Osteria Dal Sor Duilio. The restaurant is a fish shop, where a room has been created to taste the proposals of the day based on the fresh fish of the day. It is located in Via Cave di Pietralata, in the Trieste district. A small restaurant with a post-industrial style, the Santo, in Trastevere, is always crowded at aperitif time.
Is the reason it’s extremely accurate selection of the wines list? Or maybe because of the cocktails considered among the best ones in the city? The restaurant - which opened a few years ago as a cocktail bar - has actually enlarged the kitchen and properly equipped it to accompany its alcoholic creations by refined dishes. The Amatriciana lovers will probably be incredulous, but if you have dinner at Santo, you can't miss the Amatriciana with the addition of octopus. A truly one-of-a-kind dish! Bar del Fico is one of the trendiest clubs in Rome. While tasting your aperitif, you can watch live performances of music and cabaret, on a small stage set up like a circus, in a wonderful location, a few steps from Piazza Navona.

Original nightclubs
From the plane to the tram, from the enchanted forest to the ice room, proposals of original clubs really never miss in Rome. In addition to the most extravagant ones, then, you will appreciate the clubs born from the recovery of abandoned places, like a customs house, or a workshop, or a chocolate factory. If you are not too shy or susceptible, however, the first stop in the extravagant Rome should be the historical restaurant Cencio La Parolaccia. The atmosphere is absolutely normal Roman people, but astonishing for the tourists, Cencio La Parolaccia is considered an institution. The idea was born in 1941, when a couple decided to open a restaurant offering the traditional Roman food, but adding a very peculiar entertainment. Roman traditional songs, gross language and many, many bad words are the main ingredients of this historical restaurant in the district of Trastevere. If you have never experienced a lunch or a dinner on an airplane… well , the Ristoaereo will astonish you! You will be able to eat on the airplane or in the "jungle" room, for a really evocative experience! The club is situated in Fiumicino, so if you go there, don't miss the occasion to visit it.
Are you scared by planes and you prefer the tram? So, jump on the Tramjazz! While you enjoy the dinner in a romantic candlelight atmosphere, with great music, you will travel through the heart of the night! An other experience you can't miss is that one of the Ice Club… well yes, a club made of ice (-5 degrees) where to taste the best smooth and flavour vodkas in the world. Don't be scared, you will not feel cold: at the entrance, a thermal cape will be offered you, and the alcoholic vodka will help you not to get freezed!
Ex Dogana, - in San Lorenzo district - is a very wide club still showing the features and the evidences of the former customs situated there. It offers a wide range of entertainment: art exhibitions, concerts, live shows, theme nights and drive-in style cinema. Are you tired of chaos and noise? Enter the suggestive Bosco degli Elfi. The restaurant and pizzeria is situated in the Tuscolano district. Trees and candle lights of elves looking at you from the counter in the room give you a fantastic atmosphere!

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