Holidays in Rome: Rione Monti, surrounded by clubs, craft shops and suggestive views

During your stay in Rome, you will surely be attracted by the various neighbourhoods, all with different features and peculiarities. One of the most famous places in the city certainly is the Rione Monti, a suggestive area of Rome where you can lose yourself in the artisan shops, historical shops and art galleries.

Where is "Rione Monti"?
This neighbourhood, the oldest in the Capital, is located a few steps from the famous Imperial Forums and it borders the Esquilino district. Therefore, this district can be defined as a central place of the city, easily accessible by public transport and on foot. Its history dates back to 1873, when it is thought this place was born, taking its name by the Roman hills where it is (Esquilino, Viminale and Quirinale). Once upon a time, in the northern area there were noble villas, whereas in the the there was the Suburra, rich in narrow streets and alleyways with truly unmissable glimpses of Rome.

The artisan shops in Rione Monti
Nowadays, Rione Monti is very famous for its artisan shops and for the various vintage shops. The shops are often historical with artisans who work to offer tourists and not unique pieces of what is commonly called made in Italy. Entering the various shops, you can see how time seems to have stopped: antique dealers, gilders, blacksmiths, and carpenters allow you to admire and buy objects made following an ancient and precious art. More and more often, alongside these historical shops, there are designer showcases for willinng young people.
Among the several shops in Rione Monti, the glass by Passagrilli deserve a mention: a fantastic space located in Via dei Boschetti 94, where splendid creations in molten glass can be admired. In addition to this, behind the shop there is a workshop where the craftsman creates his own objects. Another magical place is Tommaso Silvestri, in via della Madonna dei Monti 98. Every type of jewel is custom made and designed. The operation is strictly performed by hand in order to create a unique object highly suited to the needs of those who commission it. Instead, if you are a fan of vintage clothing, Rione Monti will be able to give you lots of surprises. Small shops are actually scattered among the alleys where you can find vintage clothing for adults and children. At Abito Le Gallinelle, you can buy clothes custom-made, vintage or new. In addition, it is possible to visit the laboratory with the sewing machine and the various fabrics. Another one deserving to be mentioned is Kokoro, in via del Boschetto 75. You can find any type of women's clothing, with soft and flowing lines made exclusively of vintage fabrics. In addition to this, you must take into account that each piece is unique and it therefore is a beautiful symbol of Rome and its Rione Monti.
As for the design shops, absolutely not to be missed is Dispensable Shop Design, a studio-space where you can buy products by Italian and international design as well as find numerous ideas and inspirations.
Finally, a visit to the Monti Market is essential. This takes place every weekend in the period between September and June from 10am to 8pm. In this ,market it is possible to find all sorts of vintage pieces: from clothing to jewelry, but also stands of emerging designers and artisan creativity. You can only find exclusive pieces not sold elsewhere, and you will be immersed in a vintage and creative atmosphere. The Monti Market is located in the conference room of the Grand Hotel Palatino.

The clubs of Rione Monti
Rione Monti is also known for its splendid clubs to be visited in the evening. Wine bars, slow-food and gourmet restaurants are some of the proposals the area offers. Any club you choose offers excellent dishes with quality raw materials, often from the Roman territory.
You will soon discover that Via del Boschetto is the area that boasts more restaurants per square metre than the entire city of Rome. Alongside these more refined and elegant proposals, there are also numerous pizzerias and trattorias that offer a typically traditional menu made of genuine dishes and free-range flavours linked to the rural world.
Among the places to be noted there are: Mariolina, La Barrique, the pizzeria Le Carrette and Grezzo, an ice cream shop-pastry shop.
Starting from Mariolina, this place located in Via Panisperna, is ideal for those looking for the typical Italian stuffed fresh pasta. In addition to that, you can choose to order something by the take-away menu and enjoy it as if it was street food.
La Barrique is a winery located in Via del Boschetto. Excellent choice of wines and champagnes easily combined with the dishes offered by the chef. The dishes are cooked with care and love, highlighting the Roman cuisine.
Le Carrette pizzeria is one of the best in the neighbourhood both for the variety of proposals and quality-price ratio.
Finally, Grezzo is not only an ice cream shop but also a pastry shop. You can find it in via Urbana and its main feature is that only natural and not pre-processed ingredients are used. All foods are lactose-free, ideal for vegetarians and vegans and also for gluten intolerant.

In conclusion, you should not forget the Rione Monti offers glimpses and evocative views of the whole city at any time. Precisely for this reason, it is advisable to experience this area while admiring as much as possible not only the narrow streets but also the historical monuments present in the place. For example, the small square of Madonna dei Monti, a real meeting point, or the Basilica of San Pietro in Vincoli, the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore and the Lateran complex.

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