Events in Rome: celebrate Valentine's Day in the Eternal City

Try writing Rome backwards ... what does it happen? The word that comes out is "love". If you decided to spend the day of lovers in the Eternal City, this day will be so special it will also make your love eternal. There are so many events the capital offers on this day with an arrow in its heart, the accommodations, the streets, the shops, the clubs and the hotels give a wonderful show and the whole city is dressed up for a night of romantic love.

The legend of Valentine's Day protector of lovers
Visiting Rome on this special day means being in the city that literally gave birth to this party. Many of the first Christian martyrs were called Valentino, the one honoured on February 14th known just as Valentine of Rome. He was martyred in 269 and added to the calendar of saints by Pope Gelasius in 496, buried on February 14th in Via Flaminia, a road that led to Rome in the past. His relics are now kept in the Roman church of Santa Prassede, and his skull with the flower is shown in Santa Maria di Cosmedin in Rome.
According to the legend, what makes this day so romantic are the words and deeds of love that Valentino he did for his beloved. He was imprisoned for helping persecuted Christians, and he was executed for denying his conversion to Roman paganism. Legend tells that after healing his blind jailer's daughter who was blind, he wrote his first Valentine's Day letter to her once he could see her again before he died. Although this event may seem dark, it gave birth to the myth and to Valentine's Day, the festival of lovers, and there is no better way to celebrate it in Rome visiting the place where it all began. But there are lots of original and romantic ideas to consider if you plan to spend Valentine's Day in Rome.

Rent a Vespa
Recreate the Roman Holiday scenes with Audrey Hepburn when the male protagonist rents a Vespa to explore Rome together. Walk around the Colosseum, through the narrow alleys and all the Hollywood movie sets that inspired the most beautiful scenes of classic romantic films.
If you are not qualified to drive, but still want to be close and personal in this experience, there are many different options for you. Rent a bike or take your tour by a Fiat 500 with driver, choose the best and pay no attention to wine and dine your loved one. You can also rent carriages with horses in the city center and in the most elegant squares such as Piazza Navona or Piazza di Spagna.

Have a picnic on the Aventine
Being one of the 7 hills where ancient Rome was built and with a rather beautiful panoramic view of the city, the Giardino degli Aranci at the top of the Aventino is the ideal place to spend the day. Get away from the city, bring local food, a blanket and your loved one and have a picnic. In an intimate setting, you can watch the sunset over Rome and spend some time with your partner. Don't forget to buy a good bottle of wine, sparkling wine to celebrate the special occasion, and to season it all with kisses, cuddles, caresses and hugs.

Visit the Trevi Fountain
You cannot go to Rome and not visit the Trevi Fountain, even when it is not Valentine's Day. So why visit it during this day? It is mandatory to visit it because it is where the classic film La Dolce Vita was shot. The most romantic scene of the film presents this fountain as a scenographic background.
To make the tour a little more romantic, throw 3 coins in the fountain as in the movie "3 coins in the fountain": if you throw 1 coin, it means you will return to Rome, 2 coins means a new love story will come, and 3 coins... wedding! If you already want to return with your love to Rome to celebrate love, you just have to throw 3 coins to give a clear signal on your destiny together. What's more romantic than this?

Dinner in Trastevere
It certainly is famous as one of the most beautiful and authentic neighbourhoods and areas of Rome. Trastevere means "beyond the Tiber" in Latin, and it manages to give tourists all the essence and tradition of the capital through the best dishes. You can taste fine meats or first courses: rigatoni, spaghetti, penne and gnocchi. The types of seasoning are endless: cheese and pepper, amatriciana, carbonara and many other delicacies. Cross the river for one more chance to escape the crowded city centre and find some taverns real hidden gems. There you can have a romantic dinner admiring the view in complete intimacy. After dinner, you can give yourself a cocktail in one of the clubs along the river coast. This charming district of Rome, together with its winding streets, is the perfect place for a romantic evening.

Walking in Villa Borghese Park
We suggest you to have a walk in one of the biggest public parks in Rome. Why is it different? It's a perfect mix of a British styled nature and the Roman architecture. Being just 5 minutes by feet from Piazza di Spagna, you can enter the Heaven in just a few minutes. In the garden, you will also find buildings, fountains and monuments created by different architects and artists. You can also rent a boat in the lake or take a look at the galleries there, have a picnic, cook for your loved one and indulge yourself with the most imaginative solutions for a truly unique and unforgettable romantic Valentine's Day.

Choose the best hotel near your area of interest
There are many hotels available, choosing among the best ones near your area will only increase the quality of your holiday. The best services, comfort, privacy and large spaces with breathtaking views are the characteristics of the hotels on our site. You can choose from the advice we have given you or rely on your imagination for a special Valentine's Day, Rome is a city of a thousand surprises and there is always something special to do to celebrate a love.

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