Discovering Lazio: the most beautiful bathing lakes to visit

The beautiful season, with its sparkling and sunny days, is upon us. Are you planning an excursion or a short vacation? Are you looking for a destination that can give you fun and a healthy break in contact with nature? Well, we have reason to believe that Lazio is the answer to all your desires. In this sense, a stay in Rome is the ideal travel solution: first of all, staying in the Capital, you can lose yourself in its historical and artistic beauties and dive into the liveliness of the Capitoline nightlife; from the eternal city, moreover, you can easily reach any town along the Roman coast and some places of interest in the surrounding area. Not far from Rome, you will actually find truly unique landscape wonders, including the most beautiful bathing lakes in Lazio.
Far from the frenetic rhythms and chaos of the urban centres, the lakes of Bolsena, Vico, Bracciano and Martignano have nothing to envy to the most renowned coastal poles of the region, and their discovery is a valid alternative to the typical day at the beach.

1. Lake of Bolsena
An evocative atmosphere, at the limits of the real, surrounds the shores of Lake Bolsena, the largest volcanic basin in Europe, located in the province of Viterbo. It occupies the crater of the ancient volcano Vuslisni, it has an oval shape and a perimeter so large (43 km) that it makes its water bed seem boundless. Like other great Italian lakes, also that of Bolsena stands out for its enchanting sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. Surrounded by a wild and luxuriant nature, you can then indulge in a regenerating dive, relax on the lake shore or go for walks and sporting activities. As for the latter, if you love direct contact with water, you will be spoiled for choice among windsurfing, sailing, fishing and scuba diving. If, on the other hand, you prefer to move on the mainland, you can opt for tennis, hiking, horse riding or cycling.
There is also the possibility of excursions: you can decide to reach by boat the two volcanic islands that rise in the middle of the water (Martana and Bisentina) or to visit singular centres close to the lake, such as Bolsena, Capodimonte, Montefiascone and Marta. The lake's real strengths are the facilities at the service of visitors. On the coast, you will find numerous campsites, beach resorts and typical restaurants. They will delight you by dishes and wines of the local tradition: the "sbroscia", a fish soup served on toasted or stale bread, and the famous "Est! East !! East !!!", white wine of Montefiascone.

2. Lake of Vico
Surrounded by the complex of Monti Cimini, the volcanic Lake of Vico is characterized by an extraordinary geological context which harmoniously fits into the green scenery created by the woods and hills. Since 1982, the lake and the surrounding wetland been a protected natural area: the best living conditions are guaranteed to the wildlife and flora (especially to the hazelnut and chestnut plantations). The lake of Vico, therefore, will surprise you thanks to its luxuriant nature, but it will also reserve you a pleasant welcome. On its shores, you will actually find campsites, hotels and beaches that will allow you to practice all kinds of sports, from swimming to canoeing, from sailing to horse riding, to beach volleyball and tennis. In the splendid setting of the lake, you will also be able to dedicate yourself to "bird watching": inside special huts you will observe the behaviour of some species of birds and learn to recognize their song. Finally, the Lake of Vico offers the opportunity to venture out on hiking trails and discover the villages that overlook it: you can't miss Ronciglione and Caprarola with its sumptuous Villa Farnese.

3. Lake of Bracciano
Originally known as "Lake Sabatino" (from the Latin "Lacus Sabatinus"), the Lake of Bracciano, located in the north of the province of Rome, is a volcanic basin and one of the cleanest lakes in Italy. Its perimeter is semi-circular and the municipalities of Bracciano, Anguillara and Trevignano Romano are more or less equidistant from each other. Every note of the lake landscape bears witness to a profound respect for nature: just think about the current navigation ban for motor boats, which has made the lake a perfect place for water sports such as kite-surfing, rowing, windsurfing and sailing. As for the latter activity, national and international sailing competitions take place every year at Lake Bracciano, thanks to its favourable exposure to winds.
Do not think, however, that Lake Bracciano is a destination suitable only for professional athletes and sportsmen. It is also the ideal place to switch off and spend time with your family. You can actually count on equipped tourist establishments that will guarantee you the right relax, long swims and participation in various types of games. If swimming and sleeping under the umbrella are not your dream, you will have three alternatives: discover the prairies and woods surrounding the lake riding a mountain bike, go horseback riding on the lakefront or visit tourist jewels such as the "Castle Orsini-Odescalchi" of Bracciano, dating back to the 15th century and often used for VIP weddings.

4. Lake of Martignano
A fairy-tale nature surrounds the Lake of Martignano, a small lake of volcanic origin located on the east of Lake of Bracciano. Director Luigi Comencini shot his "Adventures of Pinocchio" there, a television drama broadcast in Italy in the 70s. This is enough to understand that the lake is part of a real uncontaminated oasis. Absence of built-up areas and roads in the perimeter circuit of the lake, clear waters, sulphurous springs, delightful beaches, bathing establishments respectful of the ecosystem of the place: it is all the lake of Martignano can offer you for a stop or a short vacation of total tranquillity. Renting pedalo, sailboats, canoes or windsurf boards you can sail the waters of the lake, exploring it in all its extension. Testing yourself at horseback riding, mountain biking and trekking, instead, you will have the chance to admire unique landscapes, surrounded by green fields and golden sand.

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