Bracciano, a peaceful corner for a break from your city routine.

Landscapes immersed in the green nature, lakes and villages featured by an ancient fascination: if you love culture and relax, Lazio is a region to be discovered. Staying in a hotel in Rome will offer you a good starting point for visiting the neighbourhood, looking for places telling the story of one of the archaeological, artistic and architectural remains richest geographical areas.
Located between the Italian capital and Viterbo, for instance, Bracciano is one of the most suggestive countries of the area, and it offers many attractions to its visitors. A few steps by the lake with the same name, for instance, the village stands out against a hill offering a privileged panorama on the surrounding countryside, and on the near towns of Anguillara and Trevignano.
Inhabited since the 10th century, Bracciano is still saving some very historical interesting monuments, such as the wonderful mediaeval centre, the Castello Odescalchi and its walls.
Because of the open space and the beauties of a reach past, the village is an unmissable destination for people looking for a quiet trip, for an amazing family holiday.

Bracciano lake and the Natural Park
Bracciano lake maybe is the most appreciated attraction in the surrounding villages with the same name. It is not only a landscape jewel in a wonderful natural beauty framework, but also a very important source of drinkable water for the area, and and attracting centre for visitors of any age. On the cost of a pacific pool of water, you can spend long days outdoor.
The Lake also offers you the possibility to play water sports, such as windsurf, and swimming.
Inside the Parco Naturale di Bracciano-Martignano, the lake is a protected area and navigation is allowed only to a few motor boats, to ensure a quiet and safe bathing. On one of the authorised boats, you will be able to appreciate the suggestive to or by the coast, and the beautiful countries. The Natural Park stretches for more than 16600 hectares, including many towns and a large portion of the Sabatini mountains.
Many mediaeval villages - you can't miss - are part of this area, and Martignano lake, too. Along the green paths, you can walk on by feet or by mountain-bike, there are furnished areas for picnics outdoor.

Bracciano, past and present
The biggest attraction in Bracciano area? Bracciano obviously offers a wonderful mediaeval centre, churches, museums, and much more to its visitors.
The focus of the ancient city surely is the suggestive Castello Odescalchi, a perfectly restored and furnished castle, as it was during its best times. Today you can visit it, but it also hosts luxurious ceremonies and famous people weddings. If you want to spend some time for visiting its rooms, you will have the opportunity to admire or reach collection of armors and utensils from the 15th century: something wonderful for lovers or just curious people.
The surrounding lanes hide great beauties too, such as churches and ancient fascinating buildings. You can't miss Santa Maria Novella church, the main religious building of the most ancient part of the city with its convent, nowadays hosting the Museo Civico. Another church deserving a visit is the Chiesa della Visitazione, more than 450 years-old building, you can visit in the city centre. In addition to it, you will see Santa Maria del Riposo church, located in a very suggestive place, offering a wonderful view thanks to its position.

Art and Culture: Bracciano museums
Bracciano doesn't represent only the symbol of a luxurious past, but also a city centre ready to welcome artistic manifestations, exhibitions, events and meetings to enhance art and culture. That's the reason why visiting the village is interesting for adults and children, along courses characterized by amusement and culture.
You can't miss visiting the interesting Museo Civico. Objects and works representing the history of the Etruscan age till nowadays are collected there, together with many archaeological remains and religious handmade objects, sculptures and much more.
Visiting the museum is a great occasion for the children, because there are many interactive didactic panels dedicated to attract the attention: it is the best for families looking for amusement. Bracciano is not only past and near the Duomo di Santo Stefano, you can appreciate a contemporary art gallery. You can find digital works, books, sculptures and visual art works, as it is an exciting place always available to welcome new artists and their ideas. “Margini e Segni” - the workshop’s name - can be an interesting stop for lovers and creative people.

From Rome to Bracciano for a break
Nature and culture, history and art: Bracciano is a quiet place for people looking for a little corner far from the city chaos. Just 50 kilometres from the Italian capital, the village actually seems to bring its visitors to another era, representing one of the favourite destinations of people ready to discover the most genuine aspect of Lazio.
Bracciano is an ideal step for a trip with friends or relatives, around the most suggestive towns of the region. Staying in Rome, will let you easily reach this area, the lake, and the park, giving you an unforgettable tour.

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