Discover the surrounding of Rome: a tour in San Felice Circeo, nature and art

Among all the parks in region of Lazio, the one near San Felice Circeo certainly is one of the most beautiful. No matter the southern area of Lazio you are: it will be impossible not to admire the Park of San Felice Circeo and its historical and natural wonders. The fabulous Circeo promontory stands out over the surrounding area, with its own unique beauty, giving the visitors a wide range of different emotions. There, nature and art melt themselves to create truly unique scenarios. The mountain itself is 540 metres high, overlooking a crystalline sea, and it represents a one-of-a-kind fairy tale place. Around the mountain from where it takes its name, on the whole area there is a park with a spectacular natural beauty. Moreover, numerous typical small villages rise there. For this reason, it seems the time has stopped to admire the wonderful mix of history, nature and myth.

The history of the park of Circeo
The national Park of Circeo was instituted in 1934, and it is just 100 kilometres far from the centre of Rome, being the coast between Terracina and Anzio. However, the history of this area is very old, dating back to the Roman Empire. For many years, the Circeo has actually been a very important Roman colony, and subsequently, in the Middle Ages, it became the residence of the Templars. Later on, the property revoked to be assigned to the noble Cajetani's family.
However, they haven't been able to govern the area for a lot of time, so the Circeo became a papal fort: it has maintained this role for many centuries, so that several popes took care of its flora and fauna. Many historians agree San Felice Circeo currently is one of the most beautiful parks in the world thanks to the popes. Nowadays the area is no longer a papal property, but open to the public: it is a perfect opportunity to rest in the shade of the trees.

What to see in the Park of Circeo?
Apart from the various high historical interest places, what is very astonishing is nature itself. The wonders of this park are so many you risk to get lost among them. Local environments and ecosystems are jealously guarded and protected.
We suggest you to visit the several caves in the area. Don't forget to see also the Duna Litoranea - the Coastal Dune - of the Circeo National Park. The latter has the typical half moon shape and it is extended along the Tyrrhenian coast, from Sabaudia to 25 km towards North, until Capo Portiere. Being a one-of-a-kind environment in Italy, it is protected not only by our country, but also by the European Union.
The beach deserves special attention, formed by a very thin sand. Behind the beach there are particularly high dunes. If you are interested in its history, so remember to visit the towns in this park. There are villages with a medieval atmosphere, where calm and tranquillity reign, making them one-of-a-kind.

The historical wonders of San Felice Circeo
And if the Park is attractive for its natural wonders, the same can be said about the small town of San Felice Circeo. The latter protects beautiful ancient treasures. From the village, also you can enjoy a wonderful view over the Bay to Formia.
The churches, the ancient palaces, the medieval lanes are all elements that will allow you to make a jump back in the Middle Ages. And if you think all of this is surrounded by a natural beauty that cannot be described in words, the will to achieve this particular area surely increases. In addition to it, you can find the typical Roman cuisine with some influence from the close regions. And so... that's the reason why to reach San Felice Circeo: to taste its flavours, its history and walk in the nearby park, ideal for a weekend.

What to do in the area?
You can't miss the excursion into the Selva di Circe, one of the most beautiful forests in the world. It is located near San Felice Circeo, and there you can discover rare example of animals, including the wild boar. In addition to it, the old pool called the Verdesca, a wreck of the ancient Pontina swamp. If you like trekking, there you can make an excursion on the Monte Circeo.
Across the area, near the Duna Litoranea , there are 4 lakes. There, you can practice water sports or just relax sunbathing. And... you can also ride a horse, walking along the coast or in the forests. Riding a horse in the wood is one of those activities typical of this territory. And if you feel scared you don't have to get worried: there are several instructors able to teach you the right technique to ride a horse. Oh...and, for a very cheap price!

Festivity not to be missed
Don't miss the famous festivity of the blue fish. It takes place on September and delights all the guests by great fish, fished just along the coast. After the Pentecost, another great celebration takes place: Santa Maria della Sorresca. If you go to San Felice Circeo on this occasion, you will always find an atmosphere of happiness and joy. You will be able also to take part to a long parade, during which people carry the statue of the Holy Mary on the shoulders. Near the coast, there is the Zannone island, one of the oldest Pontine islands.

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