Visit Rome: A new way to take advantage of art, the Museo Leonardo Da Vinci Experience

Rome is a charming city, rich in history, world famous monuments but also in museums of great interest. At the Leonardo Da Vinci Museum Experience, you can discover a new way of conceiving art.
Along the exhibition path, you will find the inventions of Leonardo, but you will also have the opportunity to discover the extraordinary personality of this man of extemporaneous intelligence, able to anticipate the times.

The Museum of the universal genius is in Rome
Leonardo Da Vinci, defined a a genius by historians, is profoundly connected to the transition between middle ages and modern times. He is author of numerous works and projects still full of charm and mystery. In the Museo Leonardo Da Vinci Experience, you will discover about 46 inventions built according to the original models of the genius.
You can also discover perfect reproductions of life-sized famous paintings by Da Vinci. You will experience a deep and engaging experience surrounded by multimedia devices, as well as discovering many themes through holograms, projections and audios.

The exhibition Leonardo Da Vinci Experience is taking place in Italy for the first time, and you can admire a perfect reproduction of the "Last supper", that inspired the famous and disputed" Da Vinci's code", by Dan Brown.
The reproductions of Leonardo's paintings are by the Bottega Artigiana Tifernate. They are extremely faithful to the originals and perfectly fitting the standards by the ministry of culture.
There are 22 works of art, such as "Ecce Homo", the "Gioconda", two versions of the "Virgin of the rocks", "Lady with an Ermine", and the "Last supper". All of them have been reproduced in 1:1 scale, using also the materials the artist used to use.
Leonardo Da Vinci Experience is situated in a new round cheekbones of the Eternal City, in Via della Conciliazione, a few steps from st. Peter's. In just one occasion you can admire all the paintings and the machines by the universal Italian genius.

The Hall of Flight
The first room of the Leonardo Da Vinci Experience will welcome you showing you the flight machines. Leonardo projected machines to give the man at the possibility to fly. Among the several machine he made, a very important one is the "Aerial screw", and the "Hang-glider". Many scholars think the screw has never flown, because the man who tried to put it up you are not enough strong.
In the same room, there is the reproduction of the "Last supper". The original - situated in the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, in Milan - has been seriously deteriorated former because of humidity. For this reason the reproduction hasn't been done as a normal fresco, but using a different technique.

The Military Room
Continuing along the itinerary of the exhibition, you will arrive at the second hall, dedicated to military projects. Leonardo is credited with the idea of the projectile of the tapered shape, also used by the British in the famous battle of Waterloo.
In this room, you can admire the "Catapult", planned and designed so that they could be able to overcome even the fortified walls, and the "Bombard", an extraordinary fan-shaped machine gun, with 12 rods arranged in a semicircle for a weapon that could change its range as needed just lowering or raising the structure. In this room you, can admire the Mirror room, a room with 8 mirrored walls in order to display any object in its entirety without having to turn or move. You can directly verify this phenomenon by your own eyes thanks to the interactive component.

The studies on perspective
The Perspective room is the third room you meet. We can say Leonardo was one of the most brilliant and clever person of any time: he didn't realise only projects, paintings and machines, but he also studied the perspective.
His studies were used also for photography and cinema. In this area you can see also the brilliant discoveries Da Vinci did concerning the music and optical field. Leonardo loved music so much he defined it the " little sister of painting". The "Projector" and the “Perspectograph" exposed in this room interact together by exploiting the physical properties of light. The "Double Flute", however, is a fascinating wind instrument Leonardo designed after the studies about the sound in the field of physics.

Everyday objects and the heart of the museum
In the fourth room, you will get to the heart of the show and you will be able to see a myriad of items we still use nowadays, designed by the universal genius. First of all, you will find the spring, followed by a series of studies about the chains and the bicycle project, discovered only in 1966, among the pages of "Codex Atlanticus". In addition to these objects, you can see the Palm-like Glove, a prototype of the modern fins, the jack, the life jacket and much more.
The painting of the Genius
The exhibition Leonardo Da Vinci Experience culminates in the Painting room. In this space, you can admire twenty-two works of art by the universal genius.
Among the several works painted by Da Vinci, you will find the "Lady with an ermine" - as we mentioned before - representing how Da Vinci changed the classical criteria of portraiture, using different positions of his model, Cecilia Gallerani. The "Portrait of a lady" shows the great ability Leonardo had in capturing the mystery from the look.
In addition to these paintings, you can see the “Madonna of the yarnwinder", and the "Annunciation", a controversial painting where there are "mistakes" in perspective taken by Leonardo himself because he had previewed "inconvenient" location of the work. This room is a touching experience because you can admire in one space many works by Da Vinci.

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