How to spend the 365th day of the year, surrounded by the Eternal City magic

If you are thinking about spending your New Year's Eve surrounded by the Eternal City fascination, you have to be ready for a special and unforgettable night.
From many years, Rome has become the favourite destination for the New Year's Eve by many tourists, attracted by its magic atmospheres. From the center to the outskirts, you will find many Christmas markets and stands, where you will be able to buy handicrafts, vintage objects and food; the streets are shining, decorated by Christmas trees and nativity scenes of any dimension, surrounded by music and sounds.
In this fabulous scenario, there are many concerts and parties entertaining many squares and districts of the city; there are many parties organised by restaurants, clubs, discotheques, parks and castles, proposing varied solutions for any taste.
A rich selection of festivities and events is waiting for you, to begin the New Year in the best way as possible.

If you want to spend New Year's Eve listening to good music, drinking a cocktail and dancing, a night at the discotheque is what you're looking for. Many clubs also offer a New Year’s Eve party served with famous DJs, exclusive guests and live shows making the night very amusing.
You can choose a dinner, a buffet or a reserved table, waiting for the toast, to get yourself crazy on the dance hall; otherwise, if you prefer to have dinner somewhere else, you can go to the discotheque after midnight and enjoy yourself until the day after.
One of the most famous and trendy clubs is the "Gilda": in the city centre, a few steps from Piazza di Spagna, the restaurant offers a "Strawberries & Champagne" party, proposing a menu characterized by any kind of great meals by the best chefs, followed by house, revival, and commercial music.
If you prefer electronic music, the Capodanno Cosmo Festival is waiting for you; it is a music show set in three different locations: "Spazio Novecento", "Room26", and "Salone delle Fontane". A single ticket will allow you to go around the three discotheques, where you will find international artists.
Capodanno Amore Festival was very successfully last year, hosting more than 50000 people. The party - whose theme is love - will take place at Cinecittà World, with many international DJs.

LUXURIOUS NEW YEAR'S EVE: ancient houses and limousines
If you prefer a more luxurious and elegant location, you can spend New Year's Eve in some ancient houses: the beautiful internal become the stage for dinner and dance halls, the gardens and the external areas, shine of fireworks after midnight.
You will find anything fitting with your tastes; you can choose cabaret shows, to celebrate the New Year laughing and amusing yourself, or you can take part to a theme party, to spend an original night, or a dancing night if you love dancing.
If you decide to spend the last day of the year in a suggestive location, surrounded by a fabulous and enchanted atmosphere, there are wonderful castles waiting for you, to offer you a wonderful one-of-a-kind dinner.
And if you prefer to celebrate that night with a few people or just with your partner, the perfect choice for you is a limousine: you can uncork a champagne battle and toast to the coming New Year, travelling around the magic streets of Rome, taking advantage of wonderful panoramas of the city, accompanied by the music.

PARTIES AND RESTAURANTS: the best for groups
If you decided to spend New Year's Eve with your friends, you can surely reserve a table in one of the restaurants proposing tasty menus, offering meat, fish, vegetarian or vegan and celiac foods, according to your business and needs.
You will be able to choose a welcoming and informal location, perfect for families or groups of friends; a romantic restaurant where couples can celebrate the New Year’s by a sweet dinner; or a restaurant where are so real entertain yourself during your dinner. Many restaurants, actually offer shows, live music, theme or disco nights.
Celebrating New Year's Eve in a restaurant in the city centre will be the best if you want to discover the suggestive atmosphere of the Italian capital. Do you prefer to spend your time surrounded by nature, out of the city? Well, you will find many holiday farms where to taste typical and local products.
In any case, you will find entertainment, shows and any kind of games to enjoy you and your children, too.

NEW YEAR'S EVE IN THE SQUARE: celebrating it beneath the stars
If you prefer to spend New Year's Eve outdoor, along the enchanting streets of Rome, even more beautiful with the lights and decorations, you will find a lot of clubs where to go.
We suggest you districts such as Colosseo, Trastevere, Eur, where many people go to, for spending New Year's Eve outdoor.
You will have the occasion to take part too many events, such as the one named "1 gennaio 2018, la Festa di Roma", taking place on the bridges of the city, connecting the historical districts with the modern ones: shows, light games, artists, theatre performances, DJ-sets, music and dancing will take place along the Tiber bridges, to accompany you to the new day.
The Comune di Roma usually organizes a free concert - very famous and expected by Roman people and tourists: it takes place in Via dei Fori Imperiali, where you can dance in front of the stage, surrounded by lights and music by international artists. After the concert, a wonderful firework show will take place colouring the sky of the city by lights and colours, for a breathtaking effect.
If you have chosen to celebrate New Year's Eve in Rome, amusement will not miss, and the magic of the Eternal City, thanks to its wonderful panoramas, will be the scenery of your unforgettable night.

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