Eating in Rome: a wine and food tour as an original Roman citizen, among the most authentic Roman “trattorias” and wine bars

Rome is not only the capital of Italy but a city full of charm and history. Visited by many tourists from all over the world every year, Rome also owes its success to the wide range of traditional dishes offered by many restaurants and wine shops.

Restaurants and "trattorie" to suit all tastes
At Velavevodetto, the historical restaurant in Testaccio district, Flavio will let you enjoy many traditional Roman dishes. The strong point of the restaurant surely is the Pasta alla Carbonara. To confirm it, you just have to know Flavio De Maio - he gave the name to the "osteria" - was awarded at the "Carbonara Day", a competition to choose the best Carbonara in Rome. According to second courses, Flavio offers you all the traditional recipes such as the Coda alla vaccinara, the Abbacchio (the lamb), the Roman tripe, and the tomato meatballs. The menu is very rich and you will surely be able to cheaply satisfy yourself. The attention to raw materials, from shops in Lazio region completes the offer of the restaurant.

If you want to taste the Pasta all'amatriciana, the best place surely is Osteria Vecchia Roma, in the Esquilino district. The origin of the restaurant dates back to 1916, when it was still a cellar, as it was called at the time "wines and oils". People went there to play cards sipping wine with friends. In 1938, the cellar became property of family Colangeli and into what we know today, a restaurant where you can taste some homemade Roman food. The current generation is led by Riccardo, become expert thanks to his grandmother Angelina and his mother Anna suggestions. Vecchia Roma is still able to offer the traditional ancient flavours.

Trattoria Sora Lella is another historical site of Rome, and the name is connected to the actress dead in 1993. The Sora Lella was the Grandma par excellence, the Roman old woman, making traditional recipes every day. These recipes are collected in books and booklets. The dream of the family restaurant came true in 1959, by the creation of the Trattoria Sora Lella. The restaurant is located in a wonderful spot in Rome, on the Tiber island, in the heart of the Tiber River. Even today, you can breathe familiarity and tradition in the restaurant. The menu offers all the main Roman dishes, from the original recipes by Sora Lella. If you are thinking about a wine and food tour in the capital, the Trattoria Sora Lella is a must, not only for good food but also for the historical and traditional symbol it is.

Not very well-known, the restaurant il Miraggio, located in the District of Trastevere is worth of a visit. The atmosphere in this place the one of the typical Roman Trattoria. Typical decorated tablecloths, informal service, traditional dishes on the menu and medium-low prices make Il Miraggio a restaurant where quality and tradition perfectly blend, far from the tourist menus often offered in other restaurants in Trastevere district.

For those who love drinking ...
Rome is not only the city of good food, but also good wine and not only. In the last years, the capital has earned the title of "capital of handmade beers". The offer is very wide, in Rome. Here you are some places not to be missed if you find yourself walking around this wonderful city.

In the heart of Trastevere, you will find the small bar Rivendita Libri, Cioccolato e Vino. It will be impossible to miss it walking around the narrow streets of the neighbourhood. The external menu with a list of shots with very special names - all of them sex- connected - will attract you. But the real surprise is inside, when you will be served the "cicchetto", served in a shot of chocolate and enriched with cream. The pub is not very big, but if you are walking around in Trastevere district, you can't miss it.

You will also find the Ma Che Sete Venuti a Fa', a small pub, often recognisable by a long queue, especially during the summer. It is a real temple for beer lovers. The choice is quite wide, but if you hope to sit down this place is not for you. Once received a glass of beer, people go around to sip it with their friends, chatting. The approach of place is just this: serving good beer you can taste in the atmosphere of Trastevere.

Near Campo de' Fiori, wine lovers cannot miss L'Angolo Divino. This is a perfect wine bar if you wish to spend an evening of typical Italian gastronomic culture. The environment, entirely in wood, is very essential but elegant. The bottles exposed are almost the only piece of furniture, to show the people the true stars of the club. The strong point of the place is the list of wines, so immense to accompany cheese and salami and traditional food. At the L'Angolo Divino, you can take part to tastings for accessible prices.

Near the Colosseum, in Via Capo d'Africa, you will find Bibenda, the wine bar founded by the famous sommelier Grazia Trischitta. The club is not only a place where to sip drinks, but it is dedicated to the world and the culture of wine, as Rome is one of the best destinations for it. At Bibenda, you will find great offers, quality, variety and price, in addition to the great attention for little production networks. Wine is exalted in each one of its features, from the production to the glass. You can accompany it by a selection of fine food or choose to learn a bit more about it, browsing the guides, magazines and books exposed there.

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